Three ADMORPH-related papers were accepted at the WiP track of the 27th Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2023). The conference will be in Lisbon, Portugal, from June 13-16, and hence ADMORPH will be well represented. The accepted papers are the following.

The paper entitled “Software-based Security Approach for Networked Embedded Devices”, authored by José Ferreira, Alan Oliveira, André Souto and José Cecílio, from FCUL, addresses intrusion protection, detection and tolerance for safety-critical CPS(oS), providing robustness against cyber-attacks. It presents software-based protection and encryption mechanisms explicitly designed for embedded devices. The proposed architecture is designed to work with low-cost, low-end devices without requiring the usual changes on the underlying hardware. It protects against hardware attacks and supports runtime updates, enabling devices to write data in protected memory.

The second paper, entitled “Cooperative Autonomous Driving in Simulation”, is authored by Gonçalo Costa, José Cecílio and António Casimiro, also from FCUL, and describes ongoing work on the definition, implementation and testing of an architecture for a simulation environment where cooperative autonomous driving protocols can be tested. The goal is to facilitate the testing of distributed protocols for vehicular coordination in realistic autonomous driving scenarios, namely concerning aspects of timeliness, robustness to faults and safety.

Last but not the least, the paper entitled “Achieving Crash Fault Tolerance In Autonomous Vehicle Autopilot Software Stacks Through Safety-Critical Module Rejuvenation”, authored by Federico Lucchetti from the University of Luxembourg, proposes a crash-fault tolerant scheme that enables an autopilot system experiencing a crash failure of one of its sub-modules to execute an emergency trajectory to a safe spot where the autopilot can be rejuvenated.