Christoph Kuehbacher (Univ. Augsburg) has defended his PhD thesis

Christoph Kuehbacher from the University of Augsburg has defended his PhD thesis entitled Analyzable Dataflow Executions With Adaptive Redundancy. In his thesis, he has developed a runtime environment (RTE) for the fault-tolerant execution of dataflow applications modelled as directed acyclic graphs. The RTE is able to adaptively select an appropriate [...]

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Paper at the International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods (SEFM)

Lukas Miedema and Clemens Grelck had their paper entitled "Strategy Switching: Smart Fault-Tolerance for Weakly-Hard Resource-Constrained Real-Time Applications" accepted at the International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods (SEFM). The paper is also available within the conference proceedings. The paper proposes a new approach for applying fault-tolerance, named strategy [...]

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Dolly Sapra talks about her interest and experience as a woman in CS

Dolly Sapra is a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Amsterdam, where she also completed her PhD under prof. A.D. Pimentel in Parallel Computing Systems (PCS) group. She holds an M.E. (Engineering) degree in Computer Science from BITS-Pilani, India. She turned to academic research after working in the industry as a [...]

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Developing automatic validation of safety and security cases for adaptive systems

ADMORPH is investigating safety- and security-critical systems and we will investigate the safety and security properties of PikeOS resources in a graph model as domain-specific system modelling language (DSML). The goal is to enhance the security in complex safety-critical embedded systems design, by assisting system integrators in configuring their system [...]

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Developping experimental PikeOS extensions for runtime adaptation

We are happy to share new developments in the context of the ADMORPH project. In concrete, we developed the following two main experimental extensions to SYSGO’s PikeOS real-time OS to support runtime adaptation research in ADMORPH project. Thread Migration We introduce support for monitoring CPU core affinity of threads during [...]

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Adaptivity in automated production systems

Adaptivity will be a key enabler of future embedded computer systems and systems of systems, while providing protection against faults and attacks. The ADMORPH use-cases already now give great examples of the potential of adaptive systems, no matter if we look at the radar surveillance, the subway transport systems or [...]

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The ADMORPH Railway System Use Case

Overview Our goal with the Railway System Use Case is to exploit ADMORPH tools to create robust and reliable communication between the train and the ground part of the railway system. The data transmission system between the train and the ground part of the operator's system consists of a pair of [...]

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Paper accepted to IEEE Control Systems Letters

A new ADMORPH paper has been accepted for publication. The paper, entitled "Stability of Linear Systems under Extended Weakly-Hard Constraints", will appear in IEEE Control Systems Letters, a highly ranked journal (Scimago Q1). The paper proposes a comprehensive stability analysis for control systems subject to deadline misses bounded by the [...]

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