Marine Kadar talks about her interest and experience as a woman in CS

Marine Kadar works as project research engineer at SYSGO. She received her PhD from the Real-Time Systems Chair of TU Kaiserslautern in 2022. Her PhD study applied in the scope of FORA, a European training network in Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation project. She investigated how to develop and deploy intrusion [...]

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Stability and Performance Analysis of Control Systems Subject to Bursts of Deadline Misses

Computation is becoming cheaper and cheaper, with a lot of dedicated core capacity. Because of this, we are plugging in components in our control systems, like anomaly detector and predictive maintenance algorithms, that can help us take better advantage of the computational power for something useful. However, this additional load [...]

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Cristiana Bolchini talks about her interest and experience as a woman in CS

Cristiana Bolchini is a Professor at the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioningegneria of Politecnico di Milano, where she received a PhD in Automation and Computer Science Engineering in 1997. Her research interests are in methodologies for the design and analysis of computing/embedded systems with a particular focus on dependability aspects. [...]

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ADMORPH participation at DATE’21

ADMORPH had a strong presence in the organization of a panel session at the ASD Autonomous Systems Design initiative, in the scope of the DATE 2021 conference. The session, under the theme “Self-adaptive safety- and mission-critical CPS: wishful thinking or absolute necessity?” was organized by ADMORPH researchers Martina Maggio and [...]

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Testing systems in the presence of adaptation

With the realisation of the ADMORPH vision embedded systems will gain the ability to change their behaviour. These systems will learn how to counteract specific threats. A robot may learn that a given path is not traversable and will look for alternatives to reach its objective. A radar may use [...]

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ADMORPH article on HiPEAC info

The HiPEAC Info magazine is a quarterly publication providing the latest news on the activities within the European HiPEAC network, as well as activities on high-performance embedded architectures and compilers at large. The April issue includes an article introducing the ADMORPH project and describing the project objectives and the addressed [...]

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ADMORPH researcher talks about her interest and experience as a woman in CS

Martina Maggio is a Professor at the Computer Science Department, Saarland University, having a partial affiliation as an Associate Professor at the Department of Automatic Control, Lund University. She completed her Ph.D. at Politecnico di Milano, working with Alberto Leva on the applications of control-theoretical tools for the design of [...]

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